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- Lish (Iboga Israel)
- Backdrop (Pitchrecords)

- Jackatek (Spintwist)
- Effim (ExplosiveNature)
- Dani W (Crazy People)
- Spirit (HönggerClan)
- the Painter (Wundertüte)
- HitschTone (Steibock Maffia)

Höngger Clan & Tresor proudly presents:

Progressive Twister
A night with finest progressive music.

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Decor & Psychedellic Illuminations by: Höngger Clan

Entry: SFr 30.-

Info: 076 514 50 49
or find us in facebook

Watch out for the McDonnalds in Sihlbrugg,
we are direct behind petrol station.

Free Shuttle transfer from station Baar/ZG 23:00 - 05:00

Public transfer from Baar station with bus nr 31 in direction Neuheim, exit at station Pfaffentobel.